Thursday 16th Aug 2018

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Media Release - Real agro- brewing in Tasmanian Forests

While the Tasmanian State Government, Forest Industries Association of Tasmania and green activists are embroiled in a war of words, the business of agroforestry or integrating farming and forestry continues unabated.

Dr Kevin Harding from Australian Forest Growers said, ‘Integrating forestry and farming has proven to be great way to preserve our landscapes, increase biodiversity and improve income for farmers – and on 28 April at Cradle Mountain, people will be able to see best practice in action’. Please see full Media Release

A discussion based field day, ‘Forestry and Farming – a Perfect Fit’, is to be held in April 2017, will help other famers better grow, manage and harvest trees on their farms to enhance grazing, diversify income and protect the environment.

Who: Roger and Outhay Poltock - Australian Forest Growers National Tree Farmers of the Year.
What: Field day. Topics include, commodity and special timber species, shelterbelt design, riparian biodiversity, integrating tree growing with agriculture and diversifying income.
Where: 192 Cradle Mountain Road, Wilmot 7310
When: Friday 28 April 2017, 10:00 am – 3:30 pm
RSVP is essential email Tracey King or 647 77052.
More information can be found at PFT

About Roger and Outhay
The Poltocks have over the last 30 years successfully integrated trees into their farm and have harvested timber, provided shade and shelter for livestock, increased biodiversity, improved landscape and amenity and importantly diversified their income. If these practices were more widely adopted across the nation, the farm sector would be more productive and profitable, more sustainable, income and drought resilient a better custodian of the environment.

About the Tree Farmer of the Year
The Award, sponsored by Department of Agriculture and Water Resources honours and acknowledges landowners or private forest managers who, by their personal efforts, have demonstrably managed to establish or maintain areas of forest on their property for the purposes of sustainable commerce in the products attainable from trees, protection for either catchments or crops, or for reasons of preservation of biodiversity or a particular forest ecosystem.

Contact: Arthur Lyons Secretary, Australian Forest Growers (Tasmania) 0419 000 630

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ATO Fact Sheet - Can I claim a deduction?

News from Basalt to Bay:

The Economic Benefits of Native Shelterbelts Report continues and Basalt to Bay are always looking at ways to short circuit the reasons why farmers do not plant shelterbelts. Just before Christmas we pulled off a bit of a coup with the ATO, and the resulting "tax one pager" is available from the Basalt to Bay website in publications: 

What it is is a short statement written by the ATO at our insistence, that helps tell primary producers what they can claim under Landcare works so they can have a proper informed discussion with their accountant and farm advisor and self motivate on these activities.

This resource will go out across Australia in the Fairfax media publications during the week of the 23rd March and has solid endorsement from the Australian Tax Commissioner.

Last week Private Forestry Tasmania picked it up and have listed it on their website and sent it to their members. PFT are also taking up the opportunity to request the ATO produce another one-pager focussed on the tax incentives for agroforestry and forestry. I expect this will be of great use and Basalt to Bay will forward as soon as it is completed.

Meanwhile I hope you can all make use of the Landcare version and use it to help people transition into planting more native vegetation for productivity and land health.

Kind regards

Mrs Lisette MILL

Basalt to Bay Landcare Network Facilitator for

Moyne and Warrnambool Regions, South West Victoria, Australia.
Hours of Business: Monday to Friday 9 am to 3pm.

All mail to: P.O. Box 5465, Warrnambool, VIC 3280
Physical Office Location: Koroit Historic Railway Station, Bourke Avenue, Koroit, VIC 3282
Mobile: 04 08 712 713

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