Sunday 19th Aug 2018

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Western Australia Policy Priorities

Every two years AFG holds a Policy Forum where policies are comprehensively reviewed and updated by our members. The 4th edition of the AFG National Policy Statements has recently been published and is available from this website. At the most recent Policy Forum, for the first time, delegates met in State groups to consider policy priorities for their State.

This document is the result of that process for Western Australia.

AFG’s Western Australian delegates have identified the following priorities for consideration by policy makers in your state:

  • Natural Resource Management
  • Climate Change
  • Bioenergy
  • Forest Health
  • Market Access and Competition
  • Land Use Planning

AFG will continue to advocate for sensible, sustainable and equitable policies that will allow the forest industry to compete and prosper in a complementary manner in the rural landscape. Today there are more reasons than ever to support effective integration of trees into the landscape and the sustainable management of private native forests is increasingly important. Removal of unnecessary legislative and policy impediments is a key component of this process.

The State Policy Priorities for Western Australia are available as a PDF document via the link below.

  Western Australia State Policy Priorities,  4.90 Mb