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Technical Bulletins Online

66.  Shelter Systems - What Are They Worth.  446.69 Kb
Peter Bulman, 2004
67.  Marketing and Certification in the Forest Sector.  491.59 Kb
Blair Freeman and Mairead Hayter, 2004
68.  The Climate is Changing: Linking the Science with Forest and Plantation Growers.
Graeme Pearman, 2004
69.  From villains to visionaries: the debate we have to have.  741.94 Kb
Anthea Howard, 2004
70.  Plantation forestry in Queenslands dry tropic.  2.11 Mb
Geoff Dickinson and David Lee, 2005
71.  Impediments to investment in long rotation timber plantations.  449.29 Kb
Mark Kelly and Jinelle Agius, 2005
72.  Taking stock: measuring and monitoring as the foundation of forest planning.
Jerry Leech, 2005
73.  Managing dryland salinity for economic and natural resource outcomes.  330.10 Kb
David Pannell, 2005
74.  It's your responsibility to provide a safe and healthy workplace.  620.36 Kb
Derek Bendall, 2006
75.  Producing acceptable form in blackwood plantations.  84.01 Kb
Stuart Swanson, 2006
76.  Socio-economic impacts and attitudes towards plantations in Australia.  616.31 Kb
Jacki Schirmer, 2006
77.  JVAP research on farm forestry and agroforestry - where have we been and where are we going?  705.65 Kb
Rosemary Lott, 2006
78.  Perceptions and realities about water takeup by plantations and agriculture in Australia. 411.27 Kb
Various Authors, 2007
79.  Carbon trading and its relevance to plantations and farm forestry.  603.33 Kb
Sue Salvin, 2007
80.  Improving relationships - are there more engaging ways?  353.99 Kb
Trish Kevin, 2007
81.  Marketing of farm forestry.  872.23 Kb
Ian McArthur, 2007
82.  New Queensland code includes a guide that provides for private native forest practice. 381.12 Kb
Clynt Wells, 2008
83.  Eucalypt plantations in largely treeless landscapes: what can they do for wildlife?
Richard H Loyn, Ed McNabb, Phoebe Macak, Ryan Chick and Bob Hughes, 2008
84.  Aboriginal forest heritage as business.  212.11 Kb
Sue Feary, 2008
85.  Phase farming with tress - integrating forestry and agricultural R&D.  312.35 Kb
Richard Harper, Rob Sudmeyer and Keith Smettem, 2008
86.  Future-proofing Australia's economy: the case for bio-alcohols for transport.
Barney Foran, 2009
87.  Taking responsibility for fire suppression and fuel management.  203.83 Kb
Phil Cheney, 2009
88.  Highlights from 15 years of Joint Venture Agroforestry Program research.
John Powell, 2009
89.  Forest certification schemes and the chain of custody leading to the marketplace.
Hamish Crawford, 2009
90.   A nurseryman's view of how to get the best out of seedlings to reach prime product.
Bill Hollingworth, 2010
91.  Making ends meet: pathways to innovation in Australian Forestry.  685.14 Kb
Gordon Duff, 2010
92.   Growing more wood - where are we headed? 501.50 Kb
David Thompson, 2010
93.  Balancing land use for production of food, fibre and energy. 1.20 Mb
Gordon Davis, 2010
94.  Water takeup by trees in droughts and floods, and the interaction between plantations and groundwater.  515.67 Kb
Derek Eamus, 2011

AFG Papers to Conferences

2010 Conference Papers

Plenary Session: Monday, 11 October 2010
Opening Session

Keynote Presentation #1
Professor Michael Archer

Session A1: Monday, 11 October 2010
Management - Forestry in the landscape

   Green Triangle Forestry Water Policy,  1.30 Mb
Phil Lloyd, Gunns Forest Products, Mount Gambier SA

   Plantation investment models and forest policy,  192.48 Kb
David Thompson, Plantations 2010, Armidale NSW

   Successes in salinity reduction,  92.50 Kb
Simon Dawkins, The Oil Mallee Association of Australia Inc, Freemantle WA

Session B1: Monday, 11 October 2010
Markets - Energy from wood

   Biofuel - your fuel of choice,  154.91 Kb
Liz Hamilton, Department of Primatry Industries, Gellibrand VIC

   Production of electricity (and heat and fuels) from forestry and timber industry residues,  80.36 Kb
Andrew Lang, SmarTimbers, Ballarat VIC

   Plantation firewood: solar energy in a stick,  166.22 Kb
Braden Jenkin, Sylva Systems Pty Limited, Warragul VIC

2010 Conference Papers

Session C1: Monday, 11 October 2010
Opportunities - Future forestry developments

   Overseas forestry research by Australians,  125.02 Kb
Tony Bartlett, Australian Centre for International Agriculture Research, Canberra ACT

   Technological trends in logging,  100.78 Kb
Lew Parsons, Wokurna Forestry, Mount Gambier SA

   Technological trends in sawmilling,  238.08 Kb
Graeme Palmer, Southern Cross University

Session A2: Monday, 11 October 2010
Management - Advice for intending growers

   Integrating trees in farming systems,  79.23 Kb
Nick Hunt, Kalangadoo SA

   The right trees in the right place,  118.25 Kb
Ruth Ryan, Hancock Victorian Plantations, Wendouree VIC

   Silvicultural systems for durable sawlog plantations in Gippsland Victoria - A case study,  296.39 Kb
Clinton Tepper and Jon Lambert, Heartwood Plantations, Warragul VIC

2010 Conference Papers

Session B2: Monday, 11 October 2010
Markets - Tropical plantations

   High value sawlogs from the tropics,  79.62 Kb
K.J.Harding, A.Zbonak, T.Brown, T.Innes, M.Davies and T.R.Copley

   Whitewood in Vanuatu: development of the silviculture of a native rainforest species,  356.84 Kb
J Doland Nichols, Southern Cross University, Lismore NSW

   Indian sandalwood plantations in Australia,  95.77 Kb
Glenn Taylor, Tropical Forestry Services Australia, Kununurra WA

Session C2: Monday, 11 October 2010
Opportunities - Forestry in regional communities

   Plantations and biodiversity corridors,  55.37 Kb 
Sharn Lucas, PIRSA Forestry, Mount Gambier SA

   Understanding opposition to plantations,  140.31 Kb
Kathryn Williams, University of Melbourne, Parkville VIC

   Indigenous community partnerships with forest industry,  67.93 Kb
Sid Eades, Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Canberra ACT

2010 Conference Papers

Session A3: Monday, 11 October 2010
Management - Managing private native forestry (PNF)

   Why manage private native forest?  115.50 Kb
John McLaughlin, Kingaroy QLD

   Private native forestry for biophysical & production outcomes,  110.63 Kb
John Lord, Longford TAS

   Bureacracy,  102.50 Kb
Vic Eddy, Mildura VIC

Session B3: Monday, 11 October 2010
Markets - Market drivers

   The outlook for softwood sawntimber and hardwood chips,  136.97 Kb
Lili Pechey, URS Australia, Melbourne VIC

   Impacts and relationships in emerging markets,  105.62 Kb
David Williams, HVP Plantations, Melbourne VIC

   Wood - Naturally Better,  68.94 Kb
Ric Sinclair, Forest and Wood Products Australia, Melbourne VIC

2010 Conference Papers

Session C3: Monday, 11 October 2010
Opportunities - Forestry in a low carbon world

   Trends and developments in carbon trading: an Australian perspective 217.67 Kb
Tim Murphy, ForestrySA, Mount Gambier SA

   Marketing your carbon 65.02 Kb
Tony Richardson, TreeSmart, Alexandra VIC

   Biochar - what it is and what could it do? 78.53 Kb
Doug Phillips, South West Victorian Biochar Action Group, Greening Australia, Portland VIC

Session A4: Wednesday, 13 October 2010
Management - Plantations

   Second rotation blue gum silviculture,  277.05 Kb
Andy Wright, Elders Forestry, Albany WA

   Keeping forests healthy - Good management not good luck,  140.48 Kb
Charlma Phillips, ForestrySA, Mount Gambier SA

   Best practice plantation establishment weed control in the Green Triangle region,  126.69 Kb
Wayne Richardson, ForestrySA, Mount Gambier SA

2010 Conference Papers

Session B4: Wednesday, 13 October 2010
Markets - Resource protection

   Plantation losses, recovery and lessons - Victorian Bushfires - February 2009,  144.14 Kb
Malcolm Tonkin, HVP Plantations, Melbourne VIC

   Mitigating natural plantation risks,  130.37 Kb
David Geddes, Geddes Management Pty Ltd, Mount Gambier SA

   Resource protection - Public risk management,  125.18 Kb
Euan Ferguson, SA Country Fire Service, Adelaide SA

Session C4: Wednesday, 13 October 2010
Opportunities - Sourcing information

   Certification for small growers,  98.37 Kb
David Fisken, Central Victorian Farm Plantations Committee, Ballarat VIC

   Information sources for farm forest growers,  107.04 Kb
Rhodey Bowman, Department of Primary Industries, Tatura VIC

   MarkeTree - buying and selling forest and wood products online,  213.11 Kb
Warwick Ragg, Australian Forest Growers, Canberra ACT

Plenary Session: Wednesday, 13 October 2010
Closing Session

   Balancing land use for production of food, fibre and energy,  120.70 Kb
Gordon Davis, AWB Limited, Melbourne VIC

2008 Conference Papers

Opening Session: Monday, 20 October 2008
Keynote Presentation #1

 Australian Forestry for a Better Future: Challenges Opportunities and Strategies 402.96 Kb, Barney Foran

Session 1: Monday, 20 October 2008
A1: Markets and Marketing

 Hardwood Domestic Markets - Opportunities and Challenges 96.73 Kb, Andrew White

 New Developments in Radial Milling - What they mean for tree growers in a changing industry 878.42 Kb, Andrew Knörr

 Export Markets - Opportunities for Growers 212.72 Kb, Ian Sedger

Session 1: Monday, 20 October 2008
B1: Water and Forests

 South East SA Forest Water Policy 132.05 Kb, Diana Lloyd

 Treatment of Plantation Water Interception in National Water Policy 63.85 Kb, Richard Stanton

Session 1: Monday, 20 October 2008
C1: Forestry Partnerships

 Partnerships in Action - Tree Farming in WA 224.64 Kb, Paul Brennan, Richard Moore, Peter Beatty and Jonathan Smith

 Experiences and Lessons From a Hardwood Co-operative (FFORNE) 139.94 Kb, Graeme Stoney

 The Australian Deer Association VIC (ADA) Property Based Game Management (PBGM) Program 70.48 Kb, Tom Zamanis

2008 Conference Papers

Session 1: Monday, 20 October 2008
D1: Forest Policy: Challenges and Opportunities

 National Forest Policy Directions 61.72 Kb, John Talbot

 Private Forestry Unplugged Private Native Forest Management - Response to Policy Shifts 450.93 Kb, Sean Ryan

 Where has Victoria gone in Forest Policy? And, where is it going? 131.92 Kb, Bernard Young

Session 2: Monday, 20 October 2008
A2: Role and Prospects for MIS

 New Tax Arrangements for Forestry Managed Investment Schemes - Why and how, and what they mean 258.18 Kb, Alan Cummine

 Expanding Opportunities: Creating Partnerships and Business in New Operational Regions 105.59 Kb, Chris Dare

Session 2: Monday, 20 October 2008
B2: Markets for Forestry's Environmental Services

 Prospects for Environmental Services Markets 111.43 Kb, Nick O'Brien

 Roads, Rates, and Forest Sinks: Local Government Action Supporting Forest Carbon Sink Establishment 71.71 Kb, Michael Whitehead

 Carbon in Forest Products - Market Opportunity 62.22 Kb, Fabiano Ximenes

Session 2: Monday, 20 October 2008
C2: Fire Risk in a Changing Climate

 Bushfire Strategies for Forest Growers 170.06 Kb, Roger Underwood

 Bushfire Risk Modeling: Implications of Climate Change for Forest Growers 298.95 Kb, Kevin Tolhurst

 Bushfire Weather - Recent Trends and Climate Change Projections 130.83 Kb, Chris Lucas

2008 Conference Papers

Session 2: Monday, 20 October 2008

D2: Tropical Forestry in Australia: The New Frontier?

 Tropical Forestry in Australia: The New Frontier 189.63 Kb, Phil Pritchard and Mark Parsons

 Subtropical Eucalypt Plantations in Australia: A New Opportunity and Challenge 372.36 Kb, J Doland Nicholls, R Geoff, B Smith, John Grant and Kevin Glencross

 Economics of Tropical Forestry: Experiences with Rainforest, Eucalypt and Exotic Species 487.18 Kb, Steve Harrison, Nick Emtage and John Herbohn

Session 3: Monday, 20 October 2008
A3: Forests for Bioenergy

 Production of Fuel Ethanol from Wood 131.95 Kb, John Turner

 Forests for Bioenergy - Markets and Resources for Firewood in South East Australia 161.47 Kb, Philippa Noble

Session 3: Monday, 20 October 2008
B3: Modelling Forest Values

 Prospecting for Commercial and Environmental Opportunities for Agroforestry in Australia 492.88 Kb, Phil Polglase, Keryn Paul, Charlie Hawkins, Anders Siggins, James Turner, Trevor Booth, Debbie Crawford, Tom Jovanovic, Trevor Hobbs, Kimberley Opie, Auro Almeida and Jenny Carter

 A Native Dry Sclerophyll Forest Management Toolbox - What can be done and what can't 171.26 Kb, John Field, Brian Turner and Chris McElhinny

 Carbon Sequestration of Mixed Species Rainforest Plantings in Tropical and Subtropical Eastern Australia 62.20 Kb, Kevin Glencross, J. Doland Nichols and Tim Murphy

2008 Conference Papers

Session 3: Monday, 20 October 2008

C3: Marketing Mechanisms for Growers

 Research Findings of Group Marketing of Farm Forestry Timber Aimed at Architects 169.76 Kb, Gib Wettenhall

 Market Mechanisms for Growers 80.11 Kb
, Gary Featherston

 Marketree - New Web-Based Marketing for Forests and Timber 68.94 Kb , Rosemary Lott

Session 3: Monday, 20 October 2008
D3: The Link Between Forestry and Community

 Do Farm Forestry and Large-Scale Plantation Forestry have Different Impacts on Rural Population? 171.21 Kb, Jacki Schirmer

 Social Realities: Working within Complex Social Worlds 107.14 Kb, Lain Dare, Jacki Schirmer and Frank Vanclay

Plenary Session: Wednesday, 22 October 2008
Keynote Presentation #2

 Farmer Forestry - Liking the Time and Realising the Opportunity 230.84 Kb , Rowan Reid

Session 4: Wednesday, 22 October 2008
A4: Planted Forests and Biodiversity

 Eucalypt Plantations as Habitat for Fauna in Rural Landscapes 106.47 Kb, Richard Loyn, Ed McNabb, Phoebe Macak and Philippa Noble

 A Brief Discussion of Habitat Integrity in Remnants and Planted Vegetation South West Slopes, NSW 102.06 Kb, Noel Passalaqua

 Timbercorp Forestry Plantations and Biodiversity 95.42 Kb , Alan Rossouw

2008 Conference Papers

Session 4: Wednesday, 22 October 2008

B4: Connecting to the Global Wood Supply

 Plantations 2020 Vision - 11 Years On 457.26 Kb, David Thompson

 Global Opportunities for Australian Forestry 62.47 Kb, Doug Parsonson

Session 4: Wednesday, 22 October 2008
C4: Emissions Trading and Forestry

 Forestry's Response to Emissions Trading 128.47 Kb, Marion Niederkofler

 Emissions Trading and Policy 59.42 Kb, Mick Keogh

Session 4: Wednesday, 22 October 2008
D4: Growing Forests in a Changing Landscape

 Growing Forests in a Changing Landscape 89.53 Kb, Martin Tennant

 Expansion of Plantation Forests in the Murray Valley Region of South Eastern Australia: Social Interactions and Prospects 245.16 Kb, Hugh Stewart, Digby Race and Allan Curtis

 Planted Forests and the Search for a Social Licence to Operate 173.10 Kb , Braden Jenkin

Closing Session: Wednesday, 22 October 2008
Keynote Presentation #3

 The Relationship Between Forests and Agriculture - An Historical and International Perspective 406.66 Kb, Roger Sands

 Forest Certification: Market Instrument or Academic Theology 64.84 Kb, Mike Clarke

2008 Conference Papers

Poster Abstracts

 Effects of Depth to Water Table on Tree Growth in a Low Rainfall Agroforestry System 92.62 Kb, K Brooksbank

 Propagation Effects on Growth and Form in Pinus radiata 92.63 Kb
, K Dodds and M Henson

 Regulated Philanthropy - Too Much Stick and Not Enough Carrot for Sustainable Native Forest Management 67.53 Kb, John Field

 Assessing the Effects of 15 Year Old Small Scale Silvicultural Treatments on the Over, Mid and Understorey of a Dry Sclerophyll Forest, Southern Tablelands, NSW 67.54 Kb, John Field, Rohan Burgess, Cris Brack and Chris McElhinny

 A Native Dry Schlerophyll Forest Management Toolbox - What can be done and what can't 66.59 Kb, John Field, Brian Turner, Chris McElhinny, Simon Roberts and Cris Brack

 Survey of Sustainable Biomass Resource for Iron and Steel Industry 66.60 Kb, Nawshad Haque and Michael Somerville

 Improving Small-Scale-Plantation Health Surveillance in Victoria 93.15 Kb, Frank Hirst

 Quick and Easy Eucalypt Sawlogs with Final-Space Group Planting 93.15 Kb, Frank Hirst

 Mount Rae Forest Case Study: A Government Gone Too Far 66.46 Kb, Ian MacArthur and John Field

 Dendrochronology and Soil Characteristics of a Southern Tablelands Private Native Forest 66.46 Kb, Zoe Read, John Field, Matt Brookhouse, Zoe Hall and Chris McElhinny

 Projecting Farm Scale Product Volumes and Values in Private Native Forests 66.64 Kb, Simon Roberts, Cris Brack, John Field and Chris McElhinny

 There is no such thing as the "Family Farm": What Change in Agriculture means for Farm Forestry in the 21st Century 66.65 Kb, Jacki Shirmer and John Field

 Effect of Initial Spacing on Wood Properties of 7 Year Old Eucalyptus Pilularis Plantations 92.61 Kb, M Spain, K Glencross, G Palmer, D Nichols and RGB Smith

 How Accurate are Manual Log Measurements? 92.61 Kb, Martin Strandgard

2006 Conference Papers

Poster Abstracts

 Riparian Forestry Project 14.29 Kb, Dr Phil Smethurst & Craig Bailee

 Estimating the area of cleared private land in Tasmania with suitable plantation potential 12.07 Kb, Peter Taylor

 Performance of Pinus radiata in stock havens in southern Tasmania 10.76 Kb, Peter Taylor

 Private Timber Reserves - an uniquely Tasmanian idea 11.65 Kb, Peter Taylor

 The Communities project - current and planned research 15.28 Kb, Dr Jacki Schirmer

 A swift response saves orchids in northeast Tasmania 11.74 Kb, Ms Jo Field et al.

 Private Forestry Development Committees - A Brief History and Stories of Success 11.47 Kb, Ms Jo Roberts et al.

 Exposing the mallee eucalypt: Xylem vessel sizes and conductivity measurements 11.69 Kb, Mr Kim Brooksbank

 Wood quality and drought adaptation mechanisms of radiata pine growing in marginal rainfall areas of southwestern NSW 17.33 Kb, Mr Julian Moreno-Chan, Dr Carolyn Raymond, Dr John Walker, Mr Ross Dickson

 Using the supply chain concept to analyse strategic priorities for the private forestry program of the Victorian Government Department of Primary Industries (DPI) 11.00 Kb, Paul Turnbull

2006 Conference Papers

Session Abstracts and Presentations

Session 1 - A1
Policy, Planning & Marketing - The Big Picture

A1.1 -  Is private forestry still "The Sleeping Giant?" 9.76 Kb, Peter Taylor
-  Presentation 307.70 Kb 

A1.2 -  Results of the 2006 National Plantation Inventory 11.28 Kb, Mark Parsons
-  Presentation 398.22 Kb

A1.3 -  Forest certification in North America - past, present & future 11.50 Kb, Dr Rick Fletcher
-  Presentation 1.43 Mb

Session 2 - A2:
Policy, Planning & Marketing - Partnerships & Excellence in Industry

A2.1 -  Forest Certification - Validation and dispelling of myths 10.69 Kb, Dr Wayne Tibbits & Herve Michoux
-  Presentation 837.24 Kb

A2.2 -  Plantations for Australia: The 2020 Vision, an Industry-Government initiative for plantation forestry in Australia 28.44 Kb, Jo Roberts
-  Presentation 615.70 Kb

A2.3a -  Catch 22 - The private native forestry story 11.95 Kb, David Thompson
-  Presentation 991.75 Kb

A2.3b -  How will the Green Triangle meet the coming forestry workforce needs from 2009? 16.33 Kb, John Kellas
-  Presentation 1.44 Mb

2006 Conference Papers

Session 3 - A3:

Policy, Planning & Marketing - International Opportunities & Markets

A3.1 -  Forestry partnerships in Australia and Indonesia 14.70 Kb, Dr Digby Race et al.
-  Presentation 911.94 Kb

A3.2 -  Emerging opportunities for Australia in India's paper market 12.29 Kb, Dr U.N. Bhati & Dr Raghbendra Jha
-  Presentation 114.42 Kb

A3.3 -  Prospects for Australian wood fibre in the emerging Indian market: Hardwood fibre requirements of the Indian pulp and paper industry 28.75 Kb, Steve Walker
-  Presentation 1.93 Mb

Session 4 - A4:
Policy, Planning & Marketing - Private Forestry Regulation

A4.1 -  Managing private forests for public benefit - The challenge for forest conservation in Australia 11.03 Kb, Graham Wilkinson
-  Presentation 1.12 Mb

A4.2 -  Development of a private forestry action plan, Central Vic 33.85 Kb, David Fisken & Tony Overman
-  Presentation 869.97 Kb

A4.3 -  Private forestry and forest practices audits 11.26 Kb, Peter Taylor & Peter Lockwood
-  Presentation 1.69 Mb

2006 Conference Papers

Session 5 - A5:

Policy, Planning & Marketing - Power to the People?

A5.1 -  Development of large-scale non-industrial private forestry in Australia 14.53 Kb, Andrew Lang
-  Presentation 1.68 Mb

A5.2 -  Farm forestry as part of sustainable landscape systems - The $64M Strategic Tree Farming Project in Western Australia 12.30 Kb, Richard Moore, Ian Herford, John McGrath & Ian Rotheram
-  Presentation 1.45 Mb

A5.3 -  Tools for sustainability of family forests - The Oregon experience 14.19 Kb, Dr Michael Bondi
-  Presentation 1.20 Mb

Session 1 - B1:
Training, Research & Development - Landholder Perceptions & Case Studies

B1.1 -  Landholder perceptions on the adoption of farm forestry in the Southern Tablelands region of NSW 12.30 Kb, Melinda Mylek, Dr Jacki Schirmer & Dr John Field
-  Presentation 99.72 Kb

B1.2 -  How landholders use and value their private native forests on the Southern Tablelands of NSW 10.57 Kb, Emily May, Dr Jacki Schirmer & Dr John Field
-  Presentation 172.54 Kb

B1.3 -  Non-wood economic values of farm forestry 14.79 Kb, Dr John Field & Dr Jacki Shirmer
-  Presentation 385.54 Kb

B1.4 -  The non-wood value of farm trees in the Southern Tablelands region: Capital values of properties & environmental credits 12.03 Kb, Matthew Walker & Dr John Field
-  Presentation (1) 71.43 Kb
-  Presentation (2) 4.54 Mb

2006 Conference Papers

Session 2 - B2:

Training, Research & Development - Research for Sustainable Forest Management

B2.1 -  Forest water and use National Water Reform 16.71 Kb, Dr Ian Prosser
-  Presentation 913.58 Kb

B2.2 -  Commercial environmental forestry: Targeting new forests for multiple benefits 14.82 Kb, Dr Phil Polglase et al.
-  Presentation 1.50 Mb

B2.3 -  A decision support system to combat rural tree decline in the Midlands of Tasmania 15.15 Kb, Dr Neil Davidson
-  Presentation 1.87 Mb

Session 3 - B3:
Training, Research & Development - Native Forest Silviculture

B3.1 -  Native timber production on non-industrial forest land - Landholders engaged or regulated out? 20.94 Kb, Peter Beatty
-  Presentation 1.37 Mb

B3.2 -  Regrowth forest management, south-east Qld. Working with it - The demon of encroachment 14.84 Kb, Sean Ryan & Ken Matthews

B3.3 -  Cattle grazing after timber harvesting had a short-lived effect on the structure of a dry coastal forest, northern NSW 14.45 Kb, Dr Ross Peacock & Geoff Smith
-  Presentation 9.34 Mb

B3.4 -  Native Blackwood regrowth - The good form on light regulation 11.64 Kb, Dr Greg Unwin & Sue Jennings
-  Presentation 1.50 Mb

2006 Conference Papers

Session 4 - B4:

Training, Research & Development - Plantation Forest Silviculture & Management

B4.1 -  Blackwood (Acacia melanoxylon): Refining successful plantation silviculture 13.55 Kb, Stewart Swanson
-  Presentation 1.08 Mb

B4.2 -  Crown symptoms and foiar analysis can guide nutrition management of E.globulus and E.nitens plantations in Tasmania 12.76 Kb, Dr Paul Adams & Karl Wotherspoon
-  Presentation 956.41 Kb

B4.3 -  Towards the prediction and management of windthrow in Eucalyptus plantations across Tasmania, Australia 16.49 Kb, Dr Matthew Wood, L.Ellis & Dr Peter Volker
-  Presentation 956.80 Kb

Session 5 - B5:
Training, Research & Development - Problem Sites: Strategies, Opportunities & Returns

B5.1 -  Trees for salinity management in Tasmania 15.32 Kb, Juile Finnigan & Rebecca Poulton
-  Presentation 1.02 Mb

B5.2 -  Dryland salinity, biodiversity and geodiversity on the southern tablelands of NSW: Opportunities for farm forestry 15.39 Kb, Glen Bann & Dr John Field
-  Presentation 1.26 Mb

B5.3 -  Economic returns from environmental problems - Potential for breeding to make lower rainfall areas a reality 14.62 Kb, Dr Glenn Dale
-  Presentation 378.00 Kb

B5.4 -  New frontiers for farm forestry in medium-rainfall agriculture 11.39 Kb, Geoff McArthur
-  Presentation 51.43 Kb

2006 Conference Papers

Session 1 - C1:

Industry & Innovation - Industry Expansion & Innovation

C1.1 -  Bold new action plan for Australia's plantation products and paper industry 25.46 Kb , Richard Stanton
-  Presentation 470.98 Kb

C1.2 -  The EcoAshTM marketing journey 81.59 Kb , Tony Cannon, Geoff Pask & Dale Jessup
-  Presentation 2.47 Mb

C1.3 -  Gunns Ltd pulp mill project - Latest developments 189.44 Kb, Calton Frame
-  Presentation 935.45 Kb

Session 2 - C2:
Industry & Innovation - The Latest in Chemicals Use & Fire in Forest Management

C2.1 -  Chemical pesticide usage by Australian forest plantation industries 12.64 Kb, Braden Jenkin & Dr Barry Tomkins
-  Presentation 295.30 Kb

C2.2 -  Fire behavior in hardwood plantations 11.35 Kb, David Geddes
-  Presentation 2.29 Mb

C2.3 -  Fire protection of Victoria's broadacre agricultural and plantation assets 11.08 Kb, Gary Weir & Linda Brownstein
-  Presentation 818.07 Kb

2006 Conference Papers

Session 3 - C3:
Industry & Innovation - Investment & Futures for Sustainable Resources Management

C3.1 -  Retail forestry investment - Facts, not fiction 28.67 Kb, Alan Cummine & Tony Cannon
-  Presentation 116.66 Kb

C3.2 -  Blue sky to black smoke - The time has come to produce our own liquid fuel 10.90 Kb, Rob Dyason
-  Presentation 332.41 Kb

C3.3 -  The Southern Cross Group's proposal for stewardship support for private native forests 10.48 Kb, Prof Jerry Vanclay et al.
-  Presentation 1.43 Mb

C3.4 -  Forest Stewardship Council Certification 10.66 Kb, Malcolm Tonkin
-  Presentation 170.28 Kb

Session 4 - C4:
Industry & Innovation - Carbon Forestry & Bioenergy

C4.1 -  Plantations for greenhouse - Putting carbon back to work 14.74 Kb, Graeme Anderson
-  Presentation 1.96 Mb

C4.2 -  Using harvested plantations to sequester carbon from transport emissions - The Treesmart option 14.85 Kb, Dr Tony Richardson
-  Presentation 359.45 Kb

C4.3 -  Opportunities for bioenergy in Australia 15.13 Kb, Dr Stephen Schuck
-  Presentation 1.48 Mb

2006 Conference Papers

Session 5 - C5:

Industry & Innovation - Social Planning & Community Impacts

C5.1 -  Sustainable value adding: The Tasmanian pulp mill project 71.28 Kb, Bob Gordon
-  Presentation 535.49 Kb

C5.2 -  Principles for development of a community engagement strategy and framework 10.81 Kb, Ted Rowley

C5.3 -  Socio-economic impacts of plantation expansion in WA and NSW 15.31 Kb, Dr Jacki Schirmer
-  Presentation 446.12 Kb

Session 1 - D1:
Farm Forestry - Farm Forest Initiatives & Inventory

D1.1 -  Farm Forestry Toolbox version 5 - Making the most of your tree measurements 15.13 Kb, Andy Warner

D1.2 -  Sustainable farm forestry in Natural Resource Management - Valuing the investment and the people 12.14 Kb, David Lane
-  Presentation 1.71 Mb

D1.3 -  Australian timber marketing cooperatives - Sweat, heartaches and headaches 11.09 Kb, Peter Clinnik
-  Presentation 500.78 Kb

D1.4 -  Private native forests, S.Tablelands NSW: Sivicultural treatments revisited 12.05 Kb, Simon Roberts, Chris Chartres, Dr John Field & Chris McElhinny
-  Presentation 486.06 Kb

2006 Conference Papers

Session 2 - D2:

Farm Forestry - Multipurpose and Small Scale

D2.1 -  Multipurpose tree cover - No risk and lots of opportunity 14.80 Kb, Rowan Reid & Andrew Stewart

D2.2 -  Viable small-scale firewood harvesting systems 11.73 Kb, Peter Bulman
-  Presentation 4.17 Mb

D2.3 -  Technologies for small scale forest harvesting operations in Tasmania 10.92 Kb, Rob Smith
-  Presentation 643.63 Kb

Session 3 - D3:
Farm Forestry - Private & Farm Forestry - Diversity and Opportunity

D3.1a -  Why invest in regional Australia? - Plantation forestry strengthening regional economic growth 10.95 Kb, Julia Levinson
-  Presentation 323.50 Kb

D3.1b -  A strategic and successful approach to delivering farm forestry in Tasmania 1996 - 2006 11.96 Kb, Arthur Lyons
-  Presentation 520.83 Kb

D3.1c -  Southern Sandalwood (Santalum spicatum) - an investor's opportunity 16.82 Kb, Woodall & Levinson
-  Presentation 1.02 Mb

D3.2a -  Quantifying water use by plantations in the Esperence region 15.60 Kb, Ted English
-  Presentation 786.54 Kb

D3.2b -  Size does matter: Commercial farm forestry in low rainfall environments 23.85 Kb, Monica Durcan & Phil Bellamy
-  Presentation 2.50 Mb

D3.3 -  Sustainable tropical forestry - a case study: 'Shambala' rainforest retreat, Whyanbeel Valley, N.Qld 11.66 Kb, John Colless
-  Presentation 315.23 Kb

2004 Conference Papers

 Summary Notes from AFG Ballarat 2004 Conference 128.02 Kb

 'Strategy and progress of the genetic improvement of African mahogany (Khaya senegalensis) in the Northern Territory of Australia' 13.36 Kb
, by G Nikles et al

Earlier Conference Papers

 Plantations in the landscape - tax is not the villain 69.79 Kb, Alan Cummine, AFG Biennial Conference, Albany, October 2002

 Development of AFG's Disclosure Code for Afforestation Managed Investment Schemes and the Investors' Guide to Afforestation Investment 36.78 Kb, Di Dibley and Alan Cummine, AFG Biennial Conference, Albany, October 2002

 Sovereign risk and some business issues for private forestry 45.61 Kb, Graham Brooks,  NSW Regional Farm Forestry Conference, Dubbo, September 2001

 Carbon sinks and biofuels: silviculture in the greenhouse  bytes , Andrew Greig and Alan Cummine, AFG Biennial Conference, Cairns, September 2000
-  Presentation 300.28 Kb

 Ethanol from trees: within reach at last 260.95 Kb , Dr Russell Reeves (Apace Research Ltd) and Alan Cummine, AFG Biennial Conference, Cairns, September 2000

 Tax implications for forestry investments 41.12 Kb, Phil Townsend and Alan Cummine, Victorian Department of Natural Resources and Environment Seminar Series, Financing Farm Forestry, May 2000

 Plantation insurance: an introduction 31.91 Kb, Alan Cummine, Victorian Department of Natural Resources and Environment Seminar Series, Financing Farm Forestry, May 2000

 Farm forestry: how is it different? 44.22 Kb, Alan Cummine, IFA National Conference, Hobart, October 1999

 Forest and Wood Products Action Agenda: the private forest growers' perspective 60.41 Kb, Alan Cummine, Second Annual Timber and Forestry Conference, Sydney April 1999

 Help and hindrance: a snapshot of government policies 103.54 Kb, Alan Cummine, Yass Region Farm Forestry Conference March 1996

 Farm forestry: prospects, problems and policies 67.41 Kb, Alan Cummine, Forest Resources 95 Conference, Macquarie University Graduate Schoool of the Environment, July 1995

 A Place for farm forestry in revitalizing regional Australia 37.88 Kb, Alan Cummine, National Forest Industry Strategy Conference, Canberra, May-June 1995