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How does the grower go about using the PSC service?


Have a registered auditor carry out the entire certification exercise. A list of auditors is available from AFG (click here) or from forestry offices. The provision of a title plan or an aerial photograph and land description details will save the consultant time and the grower money.


  • Purchase the AFG manual with diameter tape from AFG. Also request a list of auditors.
  • Carry out all mapping and assessment tasks as described in the manual.
  • Contact an auditor and request an inspection.

Once all necessary standards are complied with, the auditor will forward maps and assessment data to AFG. AFG will return the certificate to the auditor who will forward it to the grower along with appropriate invoices.

 PSC Data Entry Form 23.22 Kb  - updated February 2007

 PSC Check-List 359.87 Kb