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PSC Program

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 What is the PSC service?

NZ Forest Research Institute (FRI) initiated and implemented the service after considerable consultation with private forest growers, large forest-growing companies, forestry consultants, Ministry of Forestry research and management staff, millers, and forestry sector organizations.  AFG has adapted the system for Australia.

The Pruned Stand Certification service provides:

  1. A set of standards and procedures in a 30 page manual describing:
    - necessary pruning quality
    - tree measurements
    - mapping
    - land description classification
    - auditing, i.e., verification of data collection standards.
  2. Overall administration by AFG.
  3. Data processing, mapping and document preparation, and long-term data storage, all carried out by AFG.
  4. A nationwide network of auditors, recognized by AFG, who are prepared to visit any stand soon after pruning and carry out the essential data and map verification task.

The stand assessment procedures were developed after considerable research. Their aim is to determine the benefit in stand quality resulting from each pruning lift; they must do this accurately, and be time- and cost-efficient in application yet easily understood and applied by the layperson.

The PSC service is recognized and supported by most of the main forestry sector organizations. It is endorsed in principle by the following:

  • New Zealand Timber Industry Federation, representing sawmillers, timber processors and merchants;
  • NZ Farm Forestry Association;
  • NZ Forest Owners' Association Inc.;
  • NZ Institute of Forestry Inc.;
  • Ministry of Forestry;
  • Tasman Forestry Ltd;
  • NZFP Forests LTD;
  • Forestry Corporation of NZ LTD;