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Privacy Policy

To Members and Subscribers

Australian Forest Growers and your privacy

Australian Forest Growers adheres to the requirements of the National Privacy Principles as contained in the Privacy Amended (Private Sector) Act 2000 (the Privacy Act) and is committed to ensuring the privacy of your information.

Australian Forest Growers collects information when a member or an individual accessing our services provides us with their personal details. Information we collect is kept on a secure data base.

Information you provide us

  • The personal information collected from you by Australian Forest Growers may be used to:-
    • to provide you with the services you are entitled to under the terms of your membership
    • to administer and manage those services
    • to inform you of upcoming events
    • to create new services that may be of interest and value to members
    • notify insurers selected by Australian Forest Growers of your name and contact details to provide you with information as to the insurer's products and services
    • notify event coordinators of your name and contact details to provide you with information on upcoming events
    • compile a regional emailing listing of members to facilitate the flow of information between Australian Forest Growers and members and between members themselves
    • to enable our compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements, including crime prevention

Please note: Without this personal information, Australian Forest Growers may not be able to deliver some, or all of its business objectives/events and may not be able to maximise membership value.

Disclosure of Information

Other than as provided for above, Australian Forest Growers will not sell or disclose your personal information to any individual or entity outside Australian Forest Growers for marketing purposes.

When information is disclosed to an authorised third party (as mentioned above), Australian Forest Growers will require that they take the steps necessary to protect the information we give them as if they were currently subject to the Privacy Act.

Opt-Out Facility

If you do not want us to disclose your information to the abovementioned third parties or if you wish to opt-out of one or all of our services, please immediately contact us.

If we do not hear from you then this notice will constitute your agreement for us to continue disclosing your information to these third parties and providing you with all of our services, thus enabling us to maximise the benefits of your membership.

Accuracy of Personal Information

Australian Forest Growers takes all reasonable precautions to ensure that the information we collect is accurate, complete and up to date at the time of collection.

If your circumstances change or you have reason to believe our records are not accurate, complete or up to date, please contact us immediately and we will take all reasonable steps to amend the information in accordance with the above criteria, or an alternative may be discussed with you.

Access to Information

You may have access to any of your personal information we hold. You can request access to this information by contacting Australian Forest Growers:

Telephone: 02 6248 9168
Contact: Sarah Paradice - Executive Officer

or write to:

Australian Forest Growers
PO Box 351 Jamison Centre Macquarie ACT 2614 Australia