Thursday 17th Jan 2019

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Farm Forestry Toolbox

The Farm Forestry Toolbox is a collection of programs for assisting managers of shelter belts, plantations or native forests. Among other things it offers ways to estimate:

  • how much wood might grow in your pine or eucalypt plantation
  • how much standing volume you have to sell now
  • the volume of your cut logs
  • keys to assist with diagnosing health problems.

The Toolbox has been developed by Private Forests Tasmania (PFT) for use in the Tasmanian farm forestry context, but many tools are suitable for use anywhere, whilst others can be useful, but need to be used with some knowledge of local conditions. Before undertaking any significant forestry project, it is strongly recommended that you seek professional advice.  The tools have been developed to be user- friendly.

The Farm Forestry Toolbox Version 5 CD is available free of charge from AFG or any PFT office.  To order a copy from AFG, please send your name, postal address and email address via email.  To order the CD from PFT, or for more information about the Toolbox, please visit the PFT website.