Sunday 23rd Sep 2018

AFG Policy

AFG has a robust mechanism for the development of policy with direct input from our members.  This has produced a range of policies that identify important areas for improving the resilience, viability and contribution of the private forestry sector.

AFG Policies are prepared to assist Government, decision makers and AFG branches and members in further developing policy that recognises AFG priorities.

AFG held its 5th Policy Forum in Launceston at the Biennial Conference in October 2016. Prior the the forum, members were provided an opportunity to comment on existing national policies and proposed edits to policies that required an update. The proposed edits were developed by a group of volunteers and specialists. At the Forum, policy recommendations were debated and resolved. The AFG Policy Statements 5th edition will be available shortly and this page will be further updated with current versions of individual policies. 

The the full Policy Statements of the 4th edition can by downloaded by clicking on the link below.

pdfAFG Policy Statements 4th edtion, 14MB

AFG Policies can also be accessed individually via the links below:

Private Forestry is a Positive Land Use

1.   pdfforestry is a legitimate land use.pdf939.96 KB
2.   pdfdealing with public perceptions of forestry.pdf1.25 MB
3.   pdfprivate native forestry.pdf382 KB
4.   pdfenvironmental services markets.pdf1.41 MB
5.   pdfnatural resource management.pdf607.56 KB
6.   pdfforestry for multiple purposes.pdf1.01 MB
7.   pdfindigenous forestry.pdf1.57 MB
8.   pdfpromoting forestry education and training.pdf1.44 MB
9.   pdfaddressing illegal imports.pdf1.52 MB

Forest Growing Helps Address Climate Change

10. pdfclimate change.pdf2.13 MB
11. pdfemissions trading.pdf756.17 KB
12. pdfbioenergy.pdf383.88 KB

Market Access is Essential

13. pdfmarket access and competition.pdf611.64 KB
14. pdfmarket access and transparency.pdf748.44 KB
15. pdfavailability of market information.pdf328.91 KB

Forest Industry Standards are High

16. pdfchemical use and plantation forestry.pdf328.88 KB
17. pdfcode of forest practice.pdf259.46 KB
18. pdfwater.pdf333.9 KB
19. pdffire management.pdf1.04 MB
20. pdfcertification.pdf1.83 MB
21. pdfoccupational health and safety.pdf723.27 KB
22. pdfaccess to genetic diversity.pdf378.19 KB

Government Policy Support is Required

23. pdfproperty rights.pdf1.12 MB
24. pdfgovernment responsibility for extension and technical support services.pdf1.24 MB
25. pdfgovernment responsibility for road funding.pdf310.28 KB
26. pdfgovernment responsibility for land valuation and rates.pdf1011.42 KB
27. pdfland use planning.pdf328.62 KB

Equitable Tax Treatment is Needed

28. pdfappropriate tax treatment for plantation forests.pdf378.91 KB
29. pdfnon-commercial loss and the tax commissioners discretion.pdf1.6 MB
30. pdftax and forests as superannuation.pdf350.76 KB
31. pdfa prepayment rule in the tax treatment of forestry managed investment schemes.pdf

Research, Development and Extension is Crucial

32. pdfsupporting innovation in private forestry.pdf1015.4 KB
33. pdfresearch development and extension.pdf731.68 KB

34. pdfcontrol of native and introduced browsing animals.pdf
35. pdfforest health.pdf1.03 MB


pdfglossary.pdf970.5 KB