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Technical Bulletins

Technical Bulletins appear as a lift-out centre piece in each edition of the 'Australian Forest Grower' magazine. Listed below by broad subject, Technical Bulletins are available for $6.50 each plus postage. For bulk copies, price is negotiable - call the National Office (02) 6162 9000 or send an email.

Send money order/cheque with your order form to:
6/55 Woolley Street, Dickson ACT 2602
Telehone: 02 6162 9000

Some recent editions of the Technical Bulletin are available to AFG Members online.  Please click here to view electronic versions.

  1. Basic Forest Inventory for Plantations. Chris J Borough & Philip M Montgomery, 1987
  2. AFDI Code of Practice for Afforestation Investment Companies.1987
  3. Trees on Farms: Towards Better Management of Eucalypt regrowth. Bill Kerruish, 1987
  4. Fire Protection and Management. Nicolette Thorpe et al, 1987
  5. Legumes and Their Use in Forestry. Chris J Borough et al, 1988
  6. Management and Silviculture of Blackwood in Tasmania. Chris J Borough & Ginny Sadubin, 1988
  7. Growing Radiata Pine from Cuttings. Chris J Borough, 1988
  8. Soil: The Unknown Factor for Many Growers. Chris J Borough, 1989
  9. Agroforestry. Chris J Borough, 1989
  10. Experience with Safe Operations of Chainsaws and Brushcutters for Pruning in Pine Plantations. Brian Wailes, 1989
  11. Bare-Root Eucalypts and Acacias. Chris J Borough, 1989/90
  12. Growing Speciality Timbers for Profit. Chris J Borough, 1990
  13. National Strategy for Control of Sirex Noctilio in Australia. D A Haugen et al, 1990
  14. Dothistroma: A Major Fungal Problem for Growers of Radiata Pine. Chris J Borough, 1990
  15. Plantation Grown Eucalypts. Chris J Borough et al, 1991/92
  16. Revegetation Case Studies. Chris J Borough, 1991
  17. Southern Tree Breeding Association. Chris J Borough & David Boomsma, 1991
  18. Paulownia: Wonder Tree or This Year's Wonder? Chris J Borough, 1991
  19. Managing Radiata Pine Under the "Direct Regime". Chris J Borough et al, 1991/92
  20. Herbicides in Forestry. Chris J Borough, 1992
  21. Irrigating Trees with Pulpmill Effluent. Roger Johnson & Chris J Borough, 1992
  22. Growing Trees for Markets. Chris J Borough, 1992
  23. Cabinet Timbers: An Option for Forest Growers in Queensland? Chris J Borough, 1992/93
  24. Black Wattle (Acacia mearnsii): A Revitalised Industry for Australia? Steve G Thomas, 1993
    (a) Know Your Product: Wood Density of Radiata Pine. Chris J Borough, 1993
  25. Standpak: A Computer Model for Innovative Forest Managers. Chris J Borough, 1993
  26. The Original Forest. Dave G Ryan, 1993/94
  27. Radiata Pine Growers' Manual: A Review. Chris J Borough, 1994
  28. Long term effects on vegetation and soil of burning or not burning. Bob Ellis, 1994
  29. Environmental Issues for Plantation Managers. C J Borough, 1994
  30. Pruned Stand Certification. Chris J Borough, 1994
  31. Valuing Your Forest. Chris J Borough & Gavan Lethlean, 1995
  32. Bishop Pine. Steve Thomas, 1995
  33. Japanese Sawmilling Industry - What happens to your Radiata Pine. Frances Maplesden, 1995
  34. Sandalwood. Andrew Radomikhac & Chris J Borough, 1995
  35. Research to Increase and Sustain Productivity of Hardwood Plantations in Australia. Robin Cromer, 1996
  36. Understanding Log Measurements and Price Conversions. John Turland & Chris J Borough, 1996
  37. Bark Encased Knots: Surprises in Store for Forest Growers? Chris J Borough & Neil Humphreys, 1996
  38. Land Use Change and Forestry - Did the National Greenhouse Gas Inventory Committee Get It Right? Ian Mott, 1997
  39. Pinus halepensis - brutia complex. Steve Thomas, 1997
  40. Southern Tree Breeding Association - an opportunity for growers to profit from the advances of tree breeding. Sue Jarvis, 1997
  41. Regional Forest Agreement Process. Pam Robinson, 1997
  42. Economics of Thinning. Chris J Borough et al, 1997/98
  43. Forests as CO2 Sinks - an Opportunity for Forest Growers? Max Bourke & David Bennett, 1998
  44. Plantations 2020 Vision: State Codes & Legislation. Richard Stanton, 1998
  45. Carbon Trading. Chris Borough & Max Bourke, 1998
  46. Insect Pests of E.globulus. Michael Davy and Anthony Walsh, 1998/99
  47. Windthrow: blowing away your profits. Chris Borough & Leif Peterson, 1999
  48. Blue Gum Pulp Yield. Chris J Borough, Tamara Abed & David Boomsma, 1999
  49. Insuring Plantations - Know Your Policy - L Peterson & A Robinson, 1999
  50. Perpetuating the Tertiary. David Ryan, 1999
  51. Is carbon farming worthwhile? Chris J Borough, 2000
  52. New Act to Encourage Plantation Development in NSW. Chris J Borough & Curley Humphreys, 2000
  53. Measuring and Valuing Trees. Piers Maclaren, 2000
  54. Alternative Timber Species, Casuarina cunninghamiana. Chris J Borough, 2000
  55. Blue Gums: The Path Ahead. Chris J Borough & David Valentine, 2001
  56. Wood as Renewable Energy. Chris Borough & Stephen Schuck, 2001
  57. Farm Forestry & Biodiversity. Tim Vercoe, 2001
  58. Forestry Extension - ideas for a learning and growing sector. Digby Race, 2002
  59. Private Forestry Vision 2050. Rob Youl, 2002
  60. Principles and Practice of Pruning. Rowan Reid, 2002
  61. Forest Health. Dave de Little, 2002
  62. The Search for Transparency in Determining the Share of Residual Woodchip Stiumpage Returns to Growers. Braden M Jenkins, 2003
  63. Wood for Energy. Chris J Borough, 2003
  64. Firewood Harvesting and Marketing Strategies. Ray Borschmann, 2003
  65. 'Whoever owns the fuel owns the fire' - Fire management for Forest Growers. Tim Vercoe, 2004
  66. Shelter Systems - What Are They Worth. Peter Bulman, 2004
  67. Marketing and Certification in the Forest Sector. Blair Freeman and Mairead Hayter, 2004
  68. The Climate is Changing: Linking the Science with Forest and Plantation Growers. Graeme Pearman, 2004
  69. From villains to visionaries: the debate we have to have. Anthea Howard, 2004
  70. Plantation forestry in Queenslands dry tropic. Geoff Dickinson and David Lee, 2005
  71. Impediments to investment in long rotation timber plantations. Mark Kelly and Jinelle Agius, 2005
  72. Taking stock: measuring and monitoring as the foundation of forest planning. Jerry Leech, 2005
  73. Managing dryland salinity for economic and natural resource outcomes. David Pannell, 2005
  74. It's your responsibility to provide a safe and healthy workplace. Derek Bendall, 2006
  75. Producing acceptable form in blackwood plantations. Stuart Swanson, 2006
  76. Socio-economic impacts and attitudes towards plantations in Australia. Jacki Schirmer, 2006
  77. JVAP research on farm forestry and agroforestry - where have we been, and where are we going? Rosemary Lott, 2006
  78. Perceptions and realities about water takeup by plantations and agriculture in Australia. Various Authors, 2007
  79. Carbon trading and its relevance to plantations and farm forestry. Sue Salvin, 2007
  80. Improving relationships - are there more engaging ways? Trish Kevin, 2007
  81. Marketing of farm forestry. Ian McArthur, 2007
  82. New Queensland code includes a guide that provides for private native forest practice. Clynt Wells, 2008
  83. Eucalypt plantations in largely treeless landscapes: what can they do for wildlife? Richard H Loyn, Ed McNabb, Phoebe Macak, Ryan Chick and Bob Hughes, 2008
  84. Aboriginal forest heritage as business. Sue Feary, 2008
  85. Phase farming with tress - integrating forestry and agricultural R&D. Richard Harper, Rob Sudmeyer and Keith Smettem, 2008
  86. Future-proofing Australia's economy: the case for bio-alcohols for transport. Barney Foran, 2009
  87. Taking responsibility for fire suppression and fuel management. Phil Cheney, 2009
  88. Highlights from 15 years of Joint Venture Agroforestry Program research. John Powell, 2009
  89. Forest certification schemes and the chain of custody leading to the marketplace. Hamish Crawford, 2009
  90. A nurseryman's view of how to get the best out of seedlings to reach prime product.  Bill Hollingworth, 2010
  91. Making ends meet: pathways to innovation in Australian Forestry. Gordon Duff, 2010
  92. Growing more wood - where are we headed?  David Thompson, 2010.
  93. Balancing land use for production of food, fibre and energy.  Gordon Davis, 2010
  94. Water takeup by trees in droughts and floods, and the interaction between plantations and groundwater.  Derek Eamus, 2011