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Occasional Papers

 Ethanol history is being ignored at our cost 20.71 Kb 
Article published in Australian Forest Grower Autumn 2003 by Alan Cummine.

 Plantations and tax: the basics 26.15 Kb 
Alan Cummine, 21 August 2002.

 Forestry and tax: recent developments 159.75 Kb 
Alan Cummine. June 2002 .

 Farm forestry and the new 'non-commercial losses' law 23.42 Kb 
Alan Cummine, January 2002

 Farm forestry policy - why should we care? 104.56 Kb
Introductory article prepared for Master TreeGrower Program, August 1999, by Alan Cummine.

 Biofuels ... new green threat to private foresters? 11.16 Kb 
Alan Cummine (first published in National Policy Briefing, Australian Forest Grower, Autumn 2000).

 Australian Forest Growers - advancing farm forestry 26.07 Kb 
Summary of AFG contributions to the development of viable regionally-based farm forestry in Australia, 16 April 1999.

 Woodchips are not evil: tell the people 19.10 Kb 
Article in Australian Forest Grower Autumn, 1999 and reprinted in Institute of Foresters Australia Newsletter Autumn 1999 by Alan Cummine.

 Update on forestry taxation  100.68 Kb
AFG Background Briefing, 1 February 1995.

 Priority actions to rekindle private investment in plantations and farm forestry 128.44 Kb 
AFG Background Briefing, 25 March 1995.