Sunday 17th Feb 2019

Agroforestry or Farm Forestry

Agroforestry, or “farm forestry” as it is more often called these days, is the integration of productive trees into the agricultural landscape.

While the benefits of trees to agriculture, the environment and our sense of well-being are well known, the ability of properly planned, established and managed trees to contribute significantly to farm incomes is often not appreciated.

Whilst government support for farm forestry has recently dropped dramatically, local and national groups are getting on with the job of supplying environmentally responsible timber in a climate where access to native forests is becoming more restricted.  Markets for environmental services, especially carbon, are rapidly emerging.

World timber demand is generally expected to exceed supply over the next 20 years, so industry in Australia is currently working to dramatically increase our plantation area.

Although the figure is dropping slowly, Australia continues to run annual deficits of almost $2 billion in forest products, so there's ample opportunity for import replacement.

Farm forestry can make a significant contribution to this target, especially if farm foresters organise themselves into local groups with regional and national affiliations.  To further the cause in Gippsland we have the Gippsland Agroforestry Network, Farm Forest Growers, Victoria., and Australian Forest Growers respectively.

Gippsland Agroforestry Network 2011 Program

Network events are generally held between 10am and 2pm on a Friday or weekend, with as much variation and practical work as possible.

  • Saturday 19 February 2011
    Establishment and Early Silviculture.  Establishment and weed control trials, Blue Gum established after pine, Carrajung South.
  • 24 - 27 March 2011
    Farm World, Lardner Park.  General farm forestry promotion with DPI.
  • Friday 1 April 2011
    Theme:- “Innovative Timber Conversion”.  Victorian Treefarmer of the Year major field day, Harry and Gina Baess, Wonga Wonga, followed by a visit to Radial Timbers mill, Yarram.
  • Friday 17 June 2011
    Timber in Modern Buildings. Architects and builders, Radial Timber, Dandenong.
  • Friday 19 August 2011
    AGM Dinner and guest speaker (to be announced – ideas welcome) at the Austral Hotel, Korumburra.
  • Saturday 15 October 2011
    Seminar Small-scale Forest Accreditation, Gippsland Field Days, Lardner.
  • Saturday 3 December 2011
    Sustainable Native Forest Utilisation, Christmas BBQ and an architect’s new, timber-based house.  Curran property, Jindivick.

Details circulated to all members before the event.

Further information

For further information click on the link below.

   Gippsland Agroforestry Network 2011 Program,  238.64 Kb 

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