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Other Publications

Other Publications

Victorian Farm Forestry research and reports
pdfFarm Forestry and Biodiversity - 7 MB (PDF)

pdfDiversifying into firewood an economic study 2000 -4.64 MB (PDF)
pdfFirewood harvesting and marketing project Bulman & Murphy 2009 -1.91 MB (PDF)
pdfGrowing Firewood on Farms pamphlet -1.32 MB (PDF)
pdfMount Lofty Ranges Firewood Project Poynter 2002 -1.44 MB (PDF)
pdfNorth East Firewood Feasibility Study.pdf2.66 MB (PDF)

Farm Forestry Harvesting and Processing information
pdfBacksawn Quartersawn Explanation -274 KB (PDF)
pdfManual Harvesting of Plantation Thinnings Report 6-08 -1.42 MB (PDF)
pdfMechanical Harvesting Project Report Sonogan 2006 -606KB (PDF)
pdfRecovery of quality wood from plantation E nitens CSIRO Rpt No. 973, 2001 -1.53 MB  (PDF)
pdfRecovery of quater-sawn wood products from regrowth and pltn E nitens,CSIRO 2002 Rpt 1227 -6.44 MB (PDF)
pdfSilvicultural effects of tension wood in E glob CSIRO Rpt 1075 2002 -2.53 MB (PDF)

Farm Forestry Industry Development
pdfClimate & soil based farm forestry PSP results, Melb Uni 2005 - 2.70 MB (PDF)
pdfMid rotation hardwoods fertilizer trial results, Melb Uni 2005 -900 KB (PDF)
pdfFF industry development & needs analysis report 2010.pdf -281 KB (PDF)
pdfVictorian farm forestry industry scoping study 2009.pdf1.22 MB (PDF)

Victorian Research Trial publications
pdfRiver she-oak provenance trial SW Vic -329 KB (PDF)
pdfSydney Blue gum provenance trial research SW Vic -493 KB (PDF)
pdfBlack & Silver wattle prov research in SW Vic -319 KB (PDF)
pdfDrooping sheoak prov trials SW vic -363 KB (PDF)
pdfImproving growth of Red Ironbark -228 KB (PDF)
pdfResults from spotted gum prov & ripping trials -651 KB (PDF)
pdfBlue gums on the basalt plains, ripping mounding & fert trials -457 KB (PDF)
pdfPermanent Sample Plots (PSP's) for long term forestry measurements -367 KB (PDF)
pdfIdentifying superior seed for low rainfall species -655 KB (PDF)
pdfSpotted gum provenance trial Hamilton PVI 10 yr measurements -106 KB (PDF)
pdfVic ALRTIG trial results poster -420 KB (PDF)
pdfCarngham agroforestry trial revisited -471 KB (PDF)
pdfReport on Corangamite farm forestry trial sites 2008 - 4.5 MB (PDF)
pdf1996 Rept on Farm Forestry Sites in NE Vic -5.97 MB (PDF)
pdfStackpole growth rates of Species Trials in central Victoria -4.59 MB (PDF)
pdfE polybractea & E horistes prov family trials establishment of experiment at Junortoun Bendigo Vic -420 KB (PDF)
pdfRutherglen species trial info & 9 yr measurements -122 KB (PDF)
pdf2006 DPI Ham research projects - 100 KB (PDF)
pdfCoppice control in thinned Blue Gum plantation using herbicides in autumn 2004 -654 KB (PDF)
pdfGrowth Rates of Species Trails and demo sites at Appin, Yarrawalla, Gunbower & Huntly -877 KB (PDF)
pdfRed gum trials in the Wimmera 3 yr old results 2002 -1.41 MB (PDF)
pdfSpecies selection in the Wimmera. pdf.pdf1.88 MB (PDF)

Victoria research trial site plans and measurements
pdfBruarong Trial, Vic, Species 1994 and 1998 measurements - 62KB (PDF)
pdfBruarong 1989 species trial measurement data, summary 94 & 07 - 129 KB(PDF)
pdfCootes hybrid redgum 2000 trial info -693 KB  (PDF)
pdfRutherglen Florasearch Trial Site plan - 100 KB (PDF)
pdfMelville Forest Species and Pruning trial results at 8 yrs -347 KB (PDF)

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