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Plan for the transformation of the Australian Forest Products Industry

For your interest and information, please refer to a media release from Rob de Fegely, co- Chair of the Forest Industries Advisory Council (FIAC) (and President of the Institute of Foresters of Australia) announcing the 1st June 2016 release of FIAC's "Plan for the transformation of the Australian Forest Products Industry".

This report is FIAC's advice to government based on forest industry responses received to their Strategic Directions Issues Paper "Meeting Future Market Demand: Australia's Forest Products and Forest Industry" (March 2015). AFG contributed a response to this issues paper and it is pleasing to see farm forestry included in the recommendations of the FIAC plan.

The Forest Industry Advisory Council has developed a goal to triple the economic value of the forest industry by 2050 – something they aim to achieve by implementing three major objectives, summarised as follows by Rob de Fegely .....

‘Firstly we will have the right trees in the right place at the right scale. The forest industry has not always developed its forest resources as sympathetically as we should have, and we are keen to ensure that new development is wisely integrated with agriculture and rural communities.

Secondly we will produce bio-products using all parts of the tree to a cellular level. It is critical that we maximise the use of all the wood that is harvested to not only optimise returns but limit waste. Almost any product that is made from fossil fuels can be made from wood and we see an exciting future for new bio based products such as fuels, solvents, plastics and pharmaceuticals as well as innovations in more traditional wood products such as engineered wood.

Thirdly we will distinguish ourselves by being environmentally friendly, socially responsible and valued by the community. Our production forests are very public and we are keen to continue improving our environmental management and communication so that our rural neighbours and the Australian community at large understand and appreciate what we can do for our economy and the environment.'

Please access the report via the following links:

Forest Industry Advisory Council report

Recommendations sheet

Please direct further comments or request for interviews to: Rob de Fégely 0415 486 201

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