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29 October 2014

Nuts for WA Sandalwood: 2014 National Tree Farmer of the Year

Marty and Connie Winch-Buist of York, WA are the winners of the 2014 Australian Forest Growers National Tree Farmer of the Year award for their plantation of native WA Sandalwood.

Their plantation supplies bush food products to an emerging market and demonstrates excellence in farm planning, the adoption of farm forestry principles, innovation and leadership.

Their vision in establishing an annual income for sandalwood growers has created a new industry for WA. “Sandalwood has a great history throughout the world and Australia, and we have been building on that ‘magic story’ with our WA Sandalwood Nuts opportunity”, says Marty.

“Through the creation of this new venture, we have brought together sandalwood growers and interested parties, invigorating passion for one of our oldest timber exports by-products. By enhancing farm cash flow through marketing sandalwood nuts we are helping make WA sandalwood plantations more financially attractive while trees mature in a sustainable agroforestry rotation”.

MartyConnie Winch Buist(Pictured: AFG’s 2014 National Tree Farmer of the Year winners Marty & Connie Winch-Buist of York WA)

 Developing this new market for sandalwood growers is not just about income. It’s about helping their community and environmental campaigns – whether that be through supporting their local Woylie conservation efforts, supporting the bush food industry or inspiring people to manage their land sustainably for the benefit of future generations.

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