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Farm Forestry Toolbox v5 - Overview

Invitation to Farm Forestry Toolbox Workshop

A free Farm Forestry Toolbox workshop is offered to farmers and forest managers on Thursday 27th October 2016 in Launceston (Venue at 171 Westbury Road, Prospect 7249) from 8:45am – 2:00pm including lunch. Both new and existing users will benefit from ‘hands on’ training provided by Toolbox software developer Adrian Goodwin. Participants must bring their laptops with the current Farm Forestry Toolbox installed and be generally familiar with tools.

More information
Information about the Toolbox and a download version 5.3.8 is available from Private Forests Tasmania website.

RSVP essential by 30 September 2016 via the Conference registration page. Places limited and are for Conference attendees only.
For details contact
Arthur Lyons, Manager Services, Private Forests Tasmania, or phone 03 677 72716
Adrian Goodwin, Bushlogic, or phone 0438 011 235

Farm Forestry Toolbox v5 - Overview

Farm Forestry Toolbox v5


The Farm Forestry Toolbox (FFT) is a collection of computer programs (called tools) which assist forest owners and managers plan and manage plantations. It has been funded by the Australian Government and Private Forests Tasmania to encourage forest investment. Version 5 and its updates are freely available on the Private Forests Tasmania website.

FFT is the most widely used forestry software of its type in Australia, and is used by forestry schools around the world as a teaching aid. It helps users with:
• forest inventory for estimating product volume and carbon mass – it has the world’s best visual tree assessment system;
• predicting plantation growth and financial value for a wide range of species and scenarios;
• financial analysis in any currency, and measurements in any units;
• comprehensive reports;
• surveying and mapping;
• diagnosis of forest pests and diseases and
• many other useful tools including the world’s best unit converter, a tree height calculator, a log volume calculator, a wedge calibrator, and a stocking planner.

FFT has a comprehensive help system including context-sensitive videos and help, a manual, and workshop examples. FFT and its help systems can be made available in any language.

Customization and up-scaling of FFT is possible. If your organization requires additional functionality such as the development or inclusion of taper or growth models, or new and modified tools, please contact:

Adrian Goodwin

Grower Workshops

For private forest owners and managers who love to share their stories, and those who want to learn more!

For the first time, the AFG Conference in Launceston includes a series of moderator led, 90 minute, Grower Workshops where delegates can engage with a panel of selected, experienced private forest growers who will tell the story, lessons and practical challenges of their grower enterprise and then discuss their experiences with the grower audience. This is a new conference activity which caters for grower delegates and others who are keen to join in practical, group discussions about real life forest management experiences (from planning and growing to harvesting and marketing) as case studies of private farm-scale plantations and private native forests. Numbers of delegates will be limited so please indicate your preference on the web-based Conference Registration form.

Panel members

If you are a past Tree Farmer of the Year entrant, or AFG member or otherwise and you are willing to share your private forestry experiences as an established grower and panel member at one of the workshops, please contact either:

Greg Unwin ( ) or

Arthur Lyons (

Formal papers and presentations are not required as the workshops will be based on practical discussion and illustration of your experiences as a case study. You will be asked to provide a brief one-page summary of your experiences and some visual illustration of your story, as the conference approaches. This will help the moderator to organise each Grower Workshop in advance and to assist in the informal discussion of your case study based on your experience.  We would love to hear from you as a grower contributor to this exciting new addition to the conference activities.

Greg Unwin (Program Coordinator) Ph. 0417 540 745

Arthur Lyons (Conference Convenor), 0419 000 630

Advance Call for AFG National Biennial Conference 2016




23-26 OCTOBER 2016

Submit an Abstract, Paper, Poster or Powerpoint Presentation

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This is an Advance Call for Papers and Posters to be presented at the Australian Forest Growers Biennial National Conference in Launceston, Tasmania during 23-26 October 2016. The AFG Conference 2016 will challenge speakers and delegates from all parts of the private forest grower enterprise to show how and why private and farm forests provide a diverse range of social, economic and environmental values to be shared, managed and enjoyed by local and regional communities in Australia and elsewhere.

Australia’s premier private forestry conference is the place to be in October 2016. The timely conference theme is  ‘Making the Right Choice’. Communication is the principal objective of the three day conference program consisting of up to forty ‘face-to-face’ speakers and presenters. Comprehensive field tours and social functions will provide members and delegates with an unrivalled opportunity to meet one another, the speakers, industry representatives, researchers and trade exhibitors to share their ‘tree growing’ knowledge and experience and to learn about latest practical and technical developments  in silviculture, processing and marketing.

The following four conference streams have been identified to showcase up-to-date knowledge, industry, research and innovation in Australia:

A. Investment Rationale (Why invest in forestry?)
B. Sustainability and Environment
C. Forest Growth and Productivity
D. Research, Innovation and Commercialisation

The Conference Organising Committee (COC) invites papers, informal case studies and poster presentations from a broad range of interest, background and expertise. The program is designed to include personal grower experiences and case studies of an anecdotal and  practical nature; the presentation and discussion of industrial, social, silvicultural and environmental issues relating to the science and sustainability of private and farm forestry; through to scholarly and philosophical arguments about policy, planning and marketing in a rapidly evolving economic and social environment.

Submit an Abstract for a Paper or Poster or Powerpoint Presentation

AFG Conference organisers invite you to deliver a paper, informal case study and/or poster presentation at the conference, via the first step of submitting a Draft Abstract to be received electronically, by 

31 March 2016 (First Round Due)

31 May 2016 (Second Round Due)

26 June 2016 (Third Round Due - Case Studies for the Grower Workshops only)

31 July 2016 (Completed papers to be received, or later by negotiation)

The Provisional Acceptance of your intended presentation and place on the Provisional Conference Program will be confirmed by return email within 28 days of submitting the Draft Abstract, along with a copy of Instructions to Speakers and Guidelines on the style and other requirements of your presentation for inclusion in the Conference Proceedings (which will be circulated electronically to delegates prior to or at the conference).

Final acceptance of written and spoken presentations will be confirmed following receipt of (a) your Conference Registration and (b) the completed written Paper and/or PowerPoint Presentation (e.g. case study) by the due dates indicated below. Conference organisers may recommend editorial adjustment to presentations submitted if and where this is considered helpful.

To submit an Abstract for your intended paper or poster, please follow these instructions and complete the following steps:

(i) Provide your nominated Author contact details including current email address and phone contact;

(ii) Nominate your preferred session stream (A, B, C or D above), or simply suggest another suitable theme if you wish;

(iii) Attach your intended Presentation Title, nominated Author(s) and the Draft Abstract of 200-250 words (as a Word file, Calibri font, min. 12 pitch with 1.5 line spacing); and 

(iv) Indicate your preferred mode of presentation as one or more of the following alternatives:

1. POSTER (to bring to the Conference)

2. POWERPOINT PRESENTATION ONLY (e.g. case study or similar electronic presentation) to be submitted in full by 16 September 2016, for inclusion in the electronic issue of Conference Proceedings

3. CONFERENCE PAPER (unrefereed) with or without PPT presentation, to be submitted in full by 31 July 2016, (or later by negotiation) for inclusion in the electronic issue of Conference Proceedings

4. REFEREED CONFERENCE PAPER with or without PPT presentation, to be submitted in full by 31 July 2016 (or later by negotiation), together with written referee’s report or other evidence of peer review.

Submit an Abstract, Paper, Poster or Powerpoint Presentation

The Tasmania Branch of Australian Forest Growers and the Conference Organising Committee welcome your attendance and contribution to this important national conference. We very much look forward to your consideration and acceptance of our invitation to present a paper or poster at the conference via the process which is outlined above.

On behalf of the COC and the Conference Convenor Arthur Lyons, I look forward to keeping in touch.

Best wishes,

Dr Greg Unwin
Program Coordinator
AFG National Biennial Conference, Launceston 2016
University of Tasmania, School of Land and Food
Mob. 0417 540 745; Email:

AFG 2010 Conference

Integrating Our Resources
10-13 October 2010

The 2010 AFG Conference was held in Mount Gambier.  Mount Gambier is the centre of the Green Triangle, the largest plantation region in Australia, boasting nearly twenty percent of Australia's plantation resource. Alongside the industrial plantation resource are farm foresters, processing facilities and innovative practices in forest management, value adding and forest innovation.

The 2010 Australian Forest Growers (AFG) National Conference provided the opportunity to explore the management, marketing and opportunities available to forestry in the 21st century. Locating the event in Mount Gambier provided the ideal platform to exposé current practices, thinking and the chance to look to the future and its challenges.

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6th International Forest Owners Congress

The 6th International Forest Owners Congress was hosted by Australian Forest Growers in Canberra on 28-29 October 2008.

Field Tour
28 October 2008

The Congress began with a Field Tour on 28 October, which visited several properties in Tarago, New South Wales then returned to Canberra via the arboretum at the Royal Canberra Golf Course.  To view pictures of the Field Tour click here.

Forest Owners Congress
29 October 2008

The Forest Owners Congress was held at the Pavilion on Northbourne on 29 October and included the following sessions:

  • Australian forestry and forestry in this part of the world
  • Forest owners challenges and opportunities in Australia
  • Making the invisible forestry visible
  • The Climate change challenge - threats and opportunities

Presentations shown at the Congress are available by clicking here.

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AFG gratefully acknowledges the following Conference Sponsors

Private Forests Tasmania

Private Forests Tasmania

Private Forests Tasmania (PFT) was established in 1994 as a statutory authority under the Private Forests Act 1994, with governance responsibilities that recognise the economic, environmental and social importance of Tasmania's private forests. Private Forests Tasmania has a Board of Directors who are appointed for their practical knowledge, industry, commercial and technical expertise in forestry and report to the Minister for Resources. The Board oversees strategic direction, and a staff of permanent and fixed-term officers undertakes the functions of the authority. Staff are located in Camdale, Hobart and Launceston.

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As Tasmania’s largest private forestry management company, Forico Pty Limited represents the transition into a new era of plantation forestry in Tasmania.

Forico’s forest management team are strongly focused on supply chain management in an environment prioritising people and environmental performance. Forico’s management team have a depth of experience rarely equalled in today’s natural resource sector, in some individual instances over 40 years. Our management program focuses on optimising growth in our tree crops whilst minimising impact on our natural values and communities in which we operate. Forico invests in globally competitive tree breeding science to deliver customers with premium forest products and maintain Australia’s competitive edge in a global market.

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Smart Fibre

Smart Fibre

SMARTFIBRE is situated on 2.5 hectares, strategically located adjacent to the Bell Bay Port on the eastern bank of the Tamar River, approximately 45 km north of Launceston. The mill is located within the Bell Bay Major Industrial Zone and benefits from limited operating restrictions and is able to operate 24 hours per day. The SMARTFIBRE site consists of a log yard, a diesel powered wood chipper, a concrete outside chip stockpile (OCS) with reclaim and a conveyor belt which links directly to the Bell Bay Port infrastructure.

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Forest and Wood Products Australia Limited

Forest and Wood Products Australia Limited

Forest and Wood Products Australia Limited (FWPA) is a not-for-profit company that provides national, integrated research and development services to the Australian forest and wood products industry. FWPA are committed to helping the forest and wood products industry to be collaborative, innovative, sustainable and competitive against other industries and products available in the marketplace.

FWPA support research and development that promotes internationally competitive and environmentally sustainable practices. We promote activities that enhance employment opportunities and contribute to growing Australia’s reputation as an innovative producer of high-quality forest and wood products.

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Department of Agriculture and Water Resources

Department of Agriculture and Water Resources

The Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources develops and implements policies and programmes to ensure Australia's agricultural, fisheries, food and fore​stry indust​ries remain competitive, profitable and sustainable, and supports the sustainable and productive management and use of rivers and water resources. We have over 4000 staff working in offices, airports, mail centres, shipping ports, laboratories and abattoirs; located in regional ​centres, rural communities and capital cities.

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Haifa Australia Pty Ltd

Haifa Australia Pty Ltd

Haifa Australia is the leading supplier of water soluble fertilizers to the Australian market, with Multi-K™ potassium nitrate and Poly-Feed™ NPK fertilizers as the leading brands. Haifa Australia is also the largest supplier of nutrients to the Almond industry, as well other horticultural crops.

The Haifa Australia team works closely with growers to provide tailored solutions for their specific needs, alongside with professional support. Haifa Australia is active in introducing the Australian farmers to the fertigation concept – the way water soluble nutrients combined with correct irrigation can save money, increase yield, and improve production quality.

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Tamar NRM
Tamar Natural Resource Management is an independent, not for profit sub-regional group. Our strength lies with forming partnerships with the community, all levels of Government, private industry and business. We have a strong history of landcare and grass-roots involvement in environmental, agricultural and urban issues in the Tamar Region.

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Independent Forest and Resource Management (IFARM) was founded in March 2015. IFARM provides a full suite of forest management services for both local forest owners and International investors. IFARM employs a group of professional and experienced staff that place a great deal of emphasis on providing an independent service that ensures the long term sustainable management of the resource. The company provides independent management services to private forest owners that optimise the management of their forest providing sustainable environmental, social, economic and cultural outcomes.
SFM Environmental Solutions Pty Ltd
SFM Environmental Solutions is a leading provider of independent certified forest management and forest consulting across Australia.

SFM offers fence to fence management of commercial forestry estates, harvesting logistics solutions, market options and independent advice to a wide range of forest based projects.

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Incitec Pivot Fertilisers
Incitec Pivot Fertilisers is a key supplier of Australia's soil health and nutrition needs, helping farmers maximise productivity to remain competitive in global markets. We partner with local distributors to provide farmers with an extensive distribution capability, exceptional customer service, innovative and high quality fertilisers and agronomic services. Incitec Pivot Fertilisers (IPF) provides more than 50 per cent of Australia's agricultural nutrient needs and plays an essential role in assisting farmers increase productivity.

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AKS Forest Solutions Pty Ltd
AKS Forest Solutions Pty Ltd (AKS) is your local forest management and timber broking company operating in private and public forests in Tasmania. AKS has been certified to Australian Forestry Standards (AFS) and specialises in providing landowners with high quality outcomes from a tailor made solution. AFS Certification provides landowners with certainty that forests under our management will offer increased market opportunities while delivering sustainable environmental, social, economic and cultural outcomes. We operate as a wholly Tasmanian owned business engaging respected and skilled contractors able to deliver sustainable forest management.

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NRM North
NRM North is one of three formally recognised regional natural resource management bodies in Tasmania and one of 56 across Australia. NRM North was established in March 2003 through a community-driven process in response to the Tasmanian Government’s Natural Resource Management Framework.

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Timber Processors & Exporters Office
286 Second River Road
Lilydale TAS 7268
Office Phone: (03) 6395 1501
Mobile Service: 0448 512 706
Fax: (03) 6395 1502
Forest Practices Authority
The Forest Practices Authority is an independent statutory body that administers the Tasmanian forest practices system on both public and private land. Its primary responsibility is regulating the management of forest and threatened non-forest vegetation.

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Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association
The Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association (TFGA) is Tasmania’s state farmer organisation, representing over 5,000 members who live and work on farm businesses situated across Tasmania. The TFGA is an active, powerful lobby group owned and governed by farmers, for farmers. With a strong record of successful political advocacy and leadership, the TFGA has generated substantial benefits for the agriculture sector since its formation in 1948. Even though farming has its own natural challenges from droughts, bushfires and floods, it is also under constant threat from regulation, legislation and special interest groups. These attacks will not go away by themselves. The only way to effectively counter them is to stand together with a strong, united voice.

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ForestWorks supports the development of the forest, wood, paper and timber products industries and the people who work in them.

For more than 32 years, we have delivered skills advisory services to government and industry across Australia. We have also provided workforce development advice to enterprises across regional and metropolitan areas.

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Pentarch Forestry Services
Pentarch Forestry Australia strives to build relationships across the forestry sector, from forest owners through to end customers. Our key areas of activity include:
  • Timber exports from Australia and New Zealand
  • Forest management services
  • Management of all aspects of the supply from grower to end user

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RMS - Resource Management Service
Founded in 1950, Resource Management Service, LLC (RMS) is a global timberland investment firm based in Birmingham, Alabama. Founded and managed by forestry professionals and owned by its employees, RMS has operations across the US South, Brazil, China, New Zealand and Australia. With close to 30,000 ha of eucalypt plantations in Tasmania, RMS would like to take this opportunity to welcome delegates to Tasmania and to the AFG 2016 Biennial National Conference.

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SERVE-AG is Tasmania’s leading agricultural advice and product supply company specialising in production agronomy and agricultural sustainability.

The company has been offering advice and delivering a wide range of agricultural products and services to Tasmanian clients since 1976. Serve-Ag is about people and science. Innovation and strong relationships underpin reliable supply of products, agricultural technology, research and advice to agribusiness clients across a range of industries.

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ADAMA Agricultural Solutions Ltd
ADAMA's comprehensive range of high-quality, differentiated and effective herbicides, insecticides and fungicides help farmers worldwide to increase yields by preventing or controlling weeds, insects and disease that harm their crops. With one of the world’s most extensive and diversified product portfolios, Adama sells its products in more than 100 countries, with 2015 revenues of $3.1 billion.

ADAMA's purpose is “Creating Simplicity in Agriculture” – striving to provide farmers accessible, easy-to-use solutions that simplify their lives and improve their crop yields.

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Jardine Lloyd Thompson
Jardine Lloyd Thompson (JLT) is a leading global provider of insurance, reinsurance and employee benefits related advice, brokerage and associated services. JLT is a wholly owned subsidiary of one of the larger European-headquartered insurance broking group, which is also one of the larger firms of its type in the world.

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Technical Forest Services
Technical Forest Services P/L (TFS) is capable of providing all your forest industry assessment, supervision and contracting needs. We boast a diverse range of staff from operational, academic, economic and technical forestry backgrounds. With decades of experience and many satisfied customers we are a preferred service provider for your forestry contracting needs. Currently based out of a central office in Launceston Tasmania, yet operating and servicing all of Australia. Initially we functioned primarily performing quality control/audits, field assessments/inventory and specialist equipment hire/use. We have taken this practical expertise and built upon it to become not only renowned for those previous mentioned operations, but also industry leaders and highly regarded in the areas of personnel and crew management/supervision, communication, problem solving/conflict management and large scale project management.
TP Jones & Co
TP Jones & Co has established itself as one of the premier independent rural retailers in the state. We are a privately owned Tasmanian business established in 1985. We are conveniently located at Youngtown in Launceston, Longford and Tas Ag Services in Campbell Town.

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Greening Australia
Greening Australia started conserving and restoring Australia's landscapes in 1982 and haven’t stopped since. With teams in 30 locations around the country and over 150 staff we’re a proudly independent not-for-profit organisation. Our team uses the latest science to guide what’s best for our landscapes and the people and wildlife that live in them.

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TA ANN Tasmania Pty Ltd
Ta Ann Tasmania invested over $79 million to develop two veneer mills - the Huon mill built in 2007 and the Smithton mill in 2008 – and in 2015 commissioned a new $17 million plywood manufacturing plant in Smithton, employing 120 FTEs and has injected some $184 million into the regional economy in the last 5 years. Veneer is produced using a rotary technology from short logs known as billets. A portion of the veneers produced are further valued added in Smithton plant into engineering products like plywood and balance are exported .

Ta Ann is a socially and environmentally responsible company and is committed to the requirement of CoC certification (AFS/PEFC or FSC) for its log resources.. The company receives the majority of its wood supply from Forestry Tasmania under long-term Wood Supply Agreements
TAS Land & Forest
Tas Land and Forest (TLF) is an independent Tasmanian Forest and Harvest Management Company established in 2000 to professionally manage private forest plantation investments and value adds through well-established market networks.

TLF brings together a team of skilled senior consultants with a depth of experience in a wide range of disciplines. We coordinate, integrate and deliver services to ensure each client has the very best advice and achieves the best outcome possible. TLF holds Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Australia certification.
Woodstock Forest Service
Woodstock Forest Service are located at 206 Peel Street Summerhill, TAS 7250. Contacts:
  • Scott Rigby - Operations Manager M: 0408 995 764
  • Email:
  • Peter Wilson - Office Manager M: 0417 392 650
  • Email:
    Macspred Australia
    Macspred Australia is a manufacturer & distributor of "Specialty Herbicides" providing Sales and Service to customers across Australia. For pest and weed control in forestry and non agricultural areas Macspred has the solutions for you through a large network of suppliers and our own range of specialist products.

    Macspred Australia offers a range of crop protection products 'wholesale' to a designated regional distribution network.

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